Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I download games?
  2. How do I add games?
  3. How do I add artwork?
  4. How do I change the console color?
  5. Can I save games with Game Play Color?
  6. Does Game Play Color support .sav files?
  7. Are there any plans to add Game Boy Advance or Nintendo DS support?
  8. Are there any plans to add link cable support?
  9. Why aren’t my games showing up?
  10. Are there any plans to support cheats such as GameShark or Game Genie?
  11. Why is the sound so poor on my device?
  12. Why does my game restart every time I switch apps?

While we cannot officially recommend any single site for downloading Game Boy and Game Boy Color ROMs, we suggest using Google to search for ROMs by title.

Please remember that downloading copied ROMs is illegal: only use images for ROMs you own.

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You can add games to Game Play Color by one of two mechanisms:

  1. Using a Mac or PC

    1. Download or create an image of the ROM you wish to play.

    2. If the ROM is compressed (usually indicated by a .zip extension) double-click it to extract it. This should leave you with a .gb or .gbc file.

    3. Sign in to Google Drive on your Mac or PC.

    4. Drag-and-drop your downloaded ROM (Shantae.gbc in our example) into Google Drive.

    5. Google Drive should show a progress bar during the upload and a message when it has completed (e.g. Shantae.gbc has been uploaded to Games in our example).

    6. Launch Game Play Color on your iOS device by tapping the Game Play icon on your home screen. Sign in to Google Drive if prompted.

    7. Show the game library by tapping on the emulator screen. Your newly uploaded game should be visible in the library.

    8. Tap the game once to start downloading. A spinner will appear to indicate that the download is in progress.

    9. When the download is complete, the game will change colour and the spinner will disappear.

    10. Tap the game to again to start playing.

  2. Using your iPhone, iPod or iPad

    The great guys over at OPERATIONiDROID and iEmulators have produced a video explaining one of the many techniques available for getting ROMs into Game Play Color using just your iOS device:

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  1. Add some ROMs to Game Play Color as described above.

  2. Download a JPEG (.jpg) of the cover art for your ROM you wish to add artwork to.

  3. Rename the file to match the name of the ROM.

    In our example, our ROM file is entitield Shantae.gbc, so we rename the artwork to Shantae.jpg.

  4. Sign in to Google Drive.

  5. Drag-and-drop the artwork file into Google Drive.

  6. Google Drive should show a progress bar during the upload and a message when it has completed

    (e.g., Shantae.jpg has been uploaded to Games in our example).

  7. Launch Game Play Color on your iOS device and show the game library by tapping on the emulator screen. After a few moments, your ROM should display the game artwork.

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Like the original Game Boy Color, Game Play Color is available in a range of colors. You can change these from the Settings dialog.

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Yes. Game Play Color supports saving games as implemented in the original ROMs. Simply save each game as you would on an original Game Boy or Game Boy Color.

For example, to save your game in Pokémon, tap Select during game-play, select SAVE from the menu, then choose YES to save.

Note: Saved games are currently stored on the device and are not backed up to Google Drive. Removing Game Play Color from your home screen will delete your saved games. We’re exploring saving game state on Google Drive in future updates.

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Many emulators offer a way to snapshot the emulator state and store this as a .sav file. While Game Play Color supports saving games, save state is stored locally on each device and there is currently no support for saving or loading snapshots.

We’ve have had a lot of requests for this feature and it’s something we’re exploring for future updates to Game Play Color.

We’re tracking this as Issue #46 on GitHub.

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We’re received a lot of requests for Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS and even some for Nintendo 64 support in Game Play Color.

We’ve got our hands full at the moment with the current feature set of Game Play Color but we’ll certainly consider additional device support for future products and releases. Obviously we’re limited to what’s performs well running in JavaScript on a phone so, for example, Nintendo 64 support looks highly unlikely, while Game Boy Advance support might seem more realistic.

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We know lots of you would love to trade Pokémon (and we’re keen to play a bit of two-player Tetris ourselves). We’re therefore planning to add link cable support in a future release.

We’re tracking this as Issue #55 on GitHub.

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Game Play Color should automatically update to show any .gbc or .gb files you add to Google Drive.

If your games are not appearing, check that you haven’t mistakenly added Game Boy Advance (.gba) ROMs, as these are currently unsupported.

If you have zipped Game Boy or Game Boy Color ROMs (.zip), you will need to unzip these before they will appear.

Check out our guide on adding games for more help.

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We’ve received many requests to support GameShark and Game Genie cheats.

While we would like to support this in a future release, there are a number of things on the roadmap, and it’s likely to be a while before we get to it.

We’re tracking this as Issue #51 on GitHub.

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We do our best to support Game Play Color to as many devices as possible. Unfortunately some earlier devices such as the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 are just a bit too slow to play sound without underflow at the moment.

We’re continue to do our best to improve performance on all devices but, in the meantime, we recommend turning off sound if you’re finding performance isn’t great.

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Unfortunately, due to the limitations of iOS, it’s not possible to know when web applications (like Game Play Color) are about to be backgrounded. This means we are unable to automatically take a snapshot when you switch apps (e.g., to reply to a text message, take a phone call, etc).

Game Boy Color games which support saving will correctly remember your last save, but Game Boy games will be restarted.

We hope to add support for manual restore points in future versions of Game Play Color which should help mitigate this issue.

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